lørdag den 20. august 2016

The Sock Boot

Today I thought I would do a styling post since it's been quite a while since the last time I did one of these. My main focus whilst putting these outfits together was the boots. The boots are from Zara, they are tight around the ankle which is why some stores refer to them as "sock boots", and I think they are going to become quite popular in the upcoming fall season - I'm definitely getting myself a pair very soon. 

I don't want to write too much else in this post because when I personally look at a styling post I don't want a bunch of text distracting me from the inspiration and the visuals that I'm looking at. Therefore I tried making this post as visually pleasing as possible and I hope you like it.  

- Emma

torsdag den 4. august 2016


Going on a summer holiday with your family is one of the things in life you really have to treasure and enjoy because one day it won't be like it used to be - and that is completely natural when you are growing up/going into adulthood, but it's sad when you realize things are changing.

I see this blog as a diary for me to keep, and to be able to look back at some time out in the future. It's also a way for me to reflect upon the things that I have and will experience in my life. And that's the reason for this blogpost today, whether someone reads it or not, or if it's just myself from the future looking back at some of my favorite memories with a mix of nostalgia and happiness.

This year was the first time we've ever come back to the exact same location for our summer holiday. It was great knowing a little bit about the place we were going to (for once) since it meant that we knew where to get a good slice of pizza, where to go shopping or which markets were worth spending countless hours of browsing around at. 

Vinci is a small mountain town. The town is Leonardo da Vinci's hometown, he was born in Vinci and I'm guessing that he probably spent a bit of his childhood there as well. His house is actually still there and I would highly recommend you go and visit it as well as the museum; Museo Leonardiano di Vinci - if you are interested of course.
Museo Leonardiano di Vinci's website: http://www.museoleonardiano.it

Vinci is a great place to go if you love cycling or hiking, it has some pretty steep hills and trails.

There is also some amazing views in Vinci. Watching over the many rows of olive trees and vineyards is just breathtaking.

Because Vinci is a landscape protected area, all of the houses in the town is either painted in a yellow, copper red or brownish color. 

My brother Philip enjoying a slice of homemade pizza with an amazing view on the side. 
If you are looking for some great pizza in Vinci La Monna Lisa Pizzeria is the place to go. Their pizza is crispy and tastes amazing, I can't say enough good things about this place. 

La Monna Lisa Pizzeria

Staying on the topic of food. This ice cream shop I'm about to tell you about is (personally) the best ice cream shop I know of. The woman who owns the store makes the ice cream herself, and as you can see from the picture below she has quite a selection of flavors as well. Don't miss out on Gelateria La Vendetta's ice cream if you ever find yourself in Vinci. 

Gelateria La Vendetta

Street Markets
There are a bunch of different street markets to visit in the area around Vinci. Just a short drive away from Vinci you will find the most amazing markets that pretty much offer anything imaginable. Just make sure to check which days the different markets are on. 

The Street Market in Lamporecchio
Street Market in Empoli
The view over San Miniato, another cozy, small town, not far from Vinci. 

Looking for salty water and sand between your toes?
Since Vinci isn't that close to a beach, you might want to stay at a place that has a pool since it gets boiling hot during the summer months. But if you want to take a little trip out to the Italian coast you definitely can, it takes about an hour to drive to the nearest beach, but be aware that it is a "stone beach", so if you want to go swimming you might want to invest in a pair of swimming shoes. But if you can look past that you will find a coastline with super clear water and clean beaches in beautiful surroundings. 

Driving through the Alps
If you are ever in Europe and you are able (and have the money) to rent a car, do it! And take a drive through the alps. There are so many Europeans who drive through the Alps each summer to get to their holiday accommodation, but I think sometimes we take the beautiful surroundings for granted because we are so focused on getting to our final destination. Therefore I would highly recommend that you drive through the Alps and maybe even book a hotel for a night or two just so you can enjoy a bit of mountain air before heading off to your holiday accommodation. 

- One thing that is important to remember when you are driving on holiday; your holiday starts as soon as you get in the car and start driving because you are spending time with your family and/or friends, and you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do. 

The Alps - They will always amaze me, no matter how many times I have driven through them. 
I had an absolutely amazing holiday in Vinci this year and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to go travel and explore new places. 

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost
- Emma

fredag den 22. juli 2016

Exploring Brussels

I'm taking you on a bit of a time travel in this blogpost.

Back in April I went on my final study trip with my class. As most of you might remember there was a row of terrible terror attacks in Brussels back in March, so there were definitely mixed emotions regarding this trip. In the end, everything turned out fine, we had a great trip even though it was really sad and melancholic walking around Brussels, knowing what had just happened a few weeks before we arrived. 

We visited the memorial so that we could pay our respects to the victims of the terror attacks. It was very powerful walking around this public square that was covered in flowers and candles. It was the first time I had ever seen something like that up close. It really made me think about all of those people who were hurt (not just in the physical sense) because of these inhumane acts of violence and hate, and I'm still praying for Brussels. 

It's kind of difficult to continue with this blogpost and talk about fun stuff, since this blogpost started out on such a sad note and it's not out of disrespect that I continue with all of the other things we explored around Brussels - just to clarify. 

As the picture suggests, it is a very hipster store indeed
but I never complain about a bit (or a lot) of hipster.

Melting Pot Kilo - 154 Rue Haute, 1000 Brussels
One thing I definitely have to share with you is this quirky, little vintage shop/thrift store. It's called Melting Pot Kilo and, as the name slightly suggest, they sell clothing by the kilo, so the price of an item of clothing depends on how much the item of clothing weighs. 

Maison Antoine - Place Jourdan

Fries, fries, fries, and more fries
If you are in Brussels and find yourself feeling a bit peckish why not come to Place Jourdan and taste the world's best fries (according to multiple newspapers and tourist sites) at Maison Antoine? I must say, their fries are amazing (and inexpensive as well) and I would highly recommend you try them, mostly so you can decide for yourself whether you think they are the best fries in the world, or if it's just a hoax. You get a massive portion by the way, so if you are not that hungry I suggest you share with someone - sharing is caring after all.

Some of the best people to explore Brussels with!
Just cracking up - it was possibly my friend Mie or Victoria (or both of them) who caused me to crack up
I always have a good time with these lovely ladies - so much laughter you wouldn't believe it. 

The Atomium
If you have the opportunity, go take a quick look at The Atomium. It's free and you can take some cool pictures (and gifs) in front of it. I think you can go into The Atomium as well, and I also think they sometimes have different exhibitions going on, but I'm not entirely sure. You can check out their website here: http://atomium.be if you'd like to know more.

Comic book-like street art is everywhere in Brussels, so keep your eyes peeled to
spot some of the amazing art of the streets. 

Bruges by boat
Just a short bus ride from Brussels is a cozy, little town called Bruges. They have a bunch of restaurants and a couple of different touristy things to do as well. One of them being going for a boat ride through the canals - Bruges very own trademark. It was so fun riding through the canals, feeling the sun on your face when it finally decided to peek out behind a rain cloud. And the swans!! There were so many swans in the canals it was ridiculous. 

My lovely and amazing friend Victoria

Just a stuffed animal casually hanging in a tree

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and got a bit of inspiration as to what you can explore and do in Brussels if you go and visit. See you soon. 
- Emma

tirsdag den 14. juni 2016

Last day of school - lanciers

Arriving at the sports hall where we were going to be dancing lanciers
Here in Denmark, we have this tradition when the sixth formers have their last day of school and that tradition is all about dancing! 
I was dancing with my good friend Kasper, who did very well - no mistakes were made. 
It all starts with everybody arriving in weird/amazing vehicles/non-vehicles (we arrived in shopping trolleys we had given a bit of a makeover the day before) and then the dancing begins. We all have our dance partner and we perform this dance called "lanciers" in front of our parents, siblings, grandparents etc. Everybody is dressed in tuxedos, pretty dresses or jumpsuits and everybody has a blast (and a bit of a sweat as well to be honest - dancing is quite a workout). As you probably guessed, this year I'm a sixth former so this past may it was my turn to dance "lanciers". Therefore, I'm sharing my outfit and where I got everything from with you since it might help some of you who are going to a fancy event this summer or at any other time of the year. 

I wore this amazing dress from asos.com, that I personalized with some pearls a few days before to give it a little bit extra. The dress is incredibly well made, and if I had to translate my personality into a dress this would be it - if I could wear dresses like this all day every day, I would. The shoes are a pair of black, pointy, lace-up heels (about 7 cm). I was a bit scared of dancing in them but it went really well, even though I couldn't feel my feet afterwards - I guess sometimes you gotta suffer for beauty.

I think the overall look has a very Parisian vibe, which I definitely don't mind. The choker I decided to wear with it adds a bit of edge to the Parisian look and ties the whole look together perfectly. 

Before I go I just want to do a quick shout-out to my cousin Maria, who did an amazing job doing my makeup. She is only 14 (soon 15) and I swear she must have some sort of magical powers because my makeup has never been that "en flique" before. If you are interested in checking out her youtube channel that she has with her friend Mathilde click here: Beauty by Mathilde & Maria
Lastly a little shout-out to my amazing little sister who saved me from having a huge meltdown over  what to do with my hair - I loved my hair little sis couldn't have done it better myself, thank you.

With my cousin Sophia, it was a little bright outside so she couldn't look
 directly into the camera - we have all been there. Btw: I just noticed how flexed
my right arm is haha. 

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost, let me know what you think
- Emma

lørdag den 11. juni 2016

Outfit: Barbecue and hanging out with friends

Tonight I'm going to have a little barbecue with some of my classmates. Since it was a little bit colder today I decided to go ahead and wear my newly purchased denim dungarees from asos.com. The t-shirt is from H&M, the choker is also from asos.com and my shoes are Nike Son of Force. 

Click if you are interested in purchasing any of the items:

A pretty simple outfit really, but it allows me to eat as much as I like, without revealing my food baby to anyone, and that's all I need. Let me know how you would style your dungarees, I'm kind of new to this specific dungaree style, so I could really need som inspiration and please feel free to tag me in your outfits on Instagram. 
- Emma